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Change your mind

about who you think you are
& do what you thought you could not do

Keynotes & coaching + a transformative weekend workshop to help you know who you are and align boldly with the life & work you intended.



The Center for Inspired Thought & Action


The Workshop

Clarity is freedom. Aligning Boldly is a life-changing weekend workshop designed to help you shift your lack mindset, align with your highest aspirations, clearly name what’s next, and show up with courage and confidence. And this is just the beginning…

The Community

The Center for Inspired Thought & Action is a rich and vibrant members-only community for lifelong learning and support. Support from Chris, courses, accountability partners, mastermind groups, resources, daily inspiration and ideas…

The Message

When you know – with exquisite clarity – who you are, and why you do what you do, nothing holds you back. With a rare ability to reach audiences through both head and heart, Chris speaks directly to the unique experiences of each audience member.

Aligning Boldly

Friday evening, Sept. 29 – Sunday, Oct. 1 

A powerful weekend workshop to confidently name who you are, show up with courage and confidence, & finally do that thing you’ve been imagining.

Maple Hill Farm Conference Center,
Hallowell, Maine

“After completing Chris’ workshop, I feel ready to own my brilliance and have the confidence to take my leadership to the next level.  I look forward to inspiring my team and changing my community for the better.” 

~ Shirar Patterson, President and CEO, United Way of Eastern Maine, Bangor

Who is Chris Trout?

Who is Chris Trout?

Founder and CIO (Chief Inspired Officer), Strengths in Focus

In truth, the answer is: “It depends.” Like you, it depends on how I am naming “what is” at any given moment, and whether I am aligned with what holds me back or what moves me forward. Fortunately, during a decades-long exploration of hidden strengths and resilience, and the extraordinary power of mindset, I have had the most remarkable teachers: children and adults, of every description, who have learned to thrive in the face of great adversity, and the organizations who, often in the face of their own adversity, courageously did what they knew would make a difference.

First as a clinical music therapist, then as an educator, family mediator, executive director, and national speaker, I have had the opportunity to work with (and sometimes lead) inspired organizations and human service professionals in over a dozen US states and Canada, and have influenced others from New Zealand to South Africa.

What’s more important is who you are, how you are naming your “what is,” and how I might help you inspire first yourself, then those you lead, so they can make a bigger dent in the Universe. (Learn more.)

Life and Leadership Coaching

Life: For people like us, life and work are cut from the same cloth; different expressions of the same values. You want to feel aligned, passionate, and joyful. Yet, the patterns, the inner voices, and self-defeating beliefs persist. But you are ready…  Learn more.

Leadership: Your DIY days are over. As a leader, all of your power comes from eliciting the very best in others – by leveraging their strengths, their energy, their 100% commitment to a compelling vision. Yet, your self-doubt persists… Learn more.

“Chris’ work is different from anything I’ve experienced before.“

~ Carol Langner, Executive, Alberta, Canada

Speaking to Ignite and Transform

Equally at home with CEOs or ground zero professionals, from South Central Los Angeles to rural Canada, Chris has that rare ability to reach audiences through both head and heart. He moves effortlessly from foundational research (which somehow never feels “research-y”) to powerful stories that speak directly to each audience member. The shelf life of Chris’ insights is measured in years, not hours or days – and is evidenced in the words of audience members:

Chris is real – not sugar coated. This is not about methodology or a set of techniques. It is the way he lives. 

It isn’t every day I attend a conference where I come away feeling empowered with information I can put into practice in my everyday life, both at work and at home.

Learn More…

“Chris Trout has been instrumental in the transformation of our workplace culture. He has spoken at our management and executive level retreats, each time guiding us to be our best selves while igniting contagious excitement for what could be. As a result, our company has evolved into a cohesive team that works together with integrity and passion, as we fearlessly think outside of the box.”

~ Teri Nickerson, (former) Director of Human Resources, Stanford Management, Portland, Maine