Truth #1: You are where you are, relative to everything in your life. 

The first time I heard this, I thought, “Yep, can’t get more honest than that!”  Whatever else is true, we are where we are. The question is, what’s next?

Truth #2: It’s all true

Your moments of grace and joy stand side by side with your moments of vulnerability and shame. Courage and miracles stand shoulder to shoulder with inertia and stuck-ness. The question is, which will you amplify?

Truth #3: You are precisely who you think you are.

You can be no more and no less than who you think you are. The parts you choose to amplify and celebrate and grow are the parts that define your life.

Truth #4: You can only manifest who you already are.

How you speak to yourself defines the limits of what you can manifest in this world. Kindness begets kindness. Joy begets joy. Abundance begets abundance. Our evolution is the enhancement of who we allow ourselves to be.

Truth #5: Clarity is that amazing thing that happens when your inner voices and highest aspirations agree. 

When how you name yourself, how you name the people and circumstances around you, and how you show up in that world, are all aligned with the feeling of your highest aspirations, you will…

Imagine more…

Do more…

Become more. 

That’s the truth. 


I’m not fooling around here, friends. The Aligning Boldly weekend retreat is powerful. If you are ready to get unstuck, change your mind about who you think you are, and move in the direction of what you want, reserve your seat right now. I expect to close registration before the end of February.   

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