Note from Chris: Look for a new email each day this week. Something very big is happening.

My path has been long and circuitous.

It started with beautiful and profoundly delayed children who the world said did not count, and I said did.

It passed through the land of autism, which the world named as disconnected, even as we connected profoundly and deeply through music.

Next came the land of “high risk” teenagers and families, who were more capable and resilient and awe-inspiring than anyone knew.

They, of course, led me to the land of teachers and social workers, youth workers and caseworkers, human service workers and workers of every description, who I could see were really lovers and transformers and believers in others.

I visited the land of leaders and found that mostly they were not (leading) – but that real leaders and life changers abounded in the most unsuspecting places.

Here’s what I learned along the way. All of the citizens, in each of these lands, long for one thing: to be seen, to align fully with who they really are, and to finally do the marvelous things that they have imagined for so long.

(Is this your longing, too? What have you imagined? Do you get sidetracked by beliefs and bureaucracy, cash flow and emotional flow, fear and self-doubt?)

So, as I reflect on my journey, and look around for a place to build a more permanent home, my calling is clear. It has always been clear. It is what I’ve been doing for all these many miles:

Walking with others as they remember and align with who they are
and, finally, do what they’ve imagined for so long.

Tomorrow, I’ll be inviting you to come join me in this new home: Aligning Boldly. There is a room for you there, whenever you’d like to come – to be quiet and consider your thoughts, to celebrate and laugh and learn and share and engage with others on the same beautiful journey.

I hope you can make it.

Oh, and BTW, you are enough to do that thing you’ve imagined,
and you are definitely not alone.


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