a life-changing weekend with Chris Trout

Friday evening, April 6 through
Sunday, April 8, 2018

The beautiful Maple Hill Farm Conference Center,
Hallowell, Maine

You deserve this

Are you ready to change your mind about who you think you are,
and do what you thought you could not do?

Level up your life, your work, you at

The Aligning Boldly Retreat

A live weekend workshop to help you
☛ Know who you are – with clarity and joy

☛ Change how you think – beyond the fear
☛ Do what you’ve imagined – in this moment

I walked in unsure and feeling like I needed a miracle. I left with a renewed sense of purpose, practical tools for what to do next, and gratitude for having made this investment towards the rest of my life. Chris’ style, grace and intuition is unparalleled.

~ Melissa Cooper

Clarity: That amazing thing that happens when your inner voices & highest aspirations agree.

What could happen if you were not in your own way?
What if your self-talk moved you forward instead of holding you back?
What if you awakened each morning to the phenomenal energy of clarity?


Aligning Boldly is…

all about smart, insightful, forward-thinking people like you, who, by all rights, should be filled with passion, and living the fullest expression of who you are, in the most marvelous ways.


It’s not that you aren’t doing this…

It’s just not at the level you imagined. Way too often, you find yourself saying “as soon as” this or that happens, or “if only” this or that was true – then you could/would (fill in the blank). What you’ve come to understand is that the main thing getting in your way is not circumstances or events (as real as they are), but you!

  • That incessant negative chatter in your head.
  • That elusive sense of clarity, that sometimes feels “right there,” then, just as you reach for it, vanishes in the mist.
  • You chronic focus on lack – lack of time, money, support, education, clarity… the list is endless.
  • Your fear of not knowing what to do next or, worse, the fear of repeating old patterns – again.
  • Those relationships and life circumstances that feel intransigent, but are waiting to be transformed.


Here’s what’s so extraordinary

In the midst of this hamster wheel of internal “noise,” your desire for more persists and persists and persists. What does that tell you?

We’ll use the framework of Five “Inspired Questions” that have emerged from decades of research and experience. When explored and answered fully, these questions serve to “bridge the gap” between our habits of thought and our highest aspirations.

The Five Inspired Questions are…

  1. Who am I? How do I name myself (and others)?
  2. Who is showing up?
  3. How do I name my reality?
  4. What do I imagine and expect – and why?
  5. What does that look like today, right now, in this moment?

Beginning Friday night and culminating Sunday afternoon, we will explore these questions deeply and in the most unexpected ways: conversation, self-reflection, writing, mini-coaching – and lots of Q&A. You might even find answers talking to the Llamas between sessions! (Yep, there are Llamas.)

As we align each question with the last, the most remarkable clarity emerges and your next inspired action becomes self-evident. More important, we will gather and practice the navigational tools you’ll need to find your way back to this clarity when you inevitably lose your way.

The result? By the time you leave on Sunday… 

  • What felt muddy and inaccessible will feel simple and clear.
  • Where you stand and where you want to be will feel closer than ever before.
  • And you will feel a confidence and courage about moving forward that you never thought possible.


Here is how Aligning Boldly alums describe it

“When I walked into the room that first night I couldn’t articulate what I was hoping to get out of the weekend, but I felt like I needed a miracle. In a matter of minutes, Chris made a room full of strangers feel like a room full of old friends and then slowly but surely, like a butterfly stretching out of its chrysalis, the pieces started falling into place. Through laughter and tears, Chris supported, challenged, and guided us, until every person in the room was able to give voice to a part of themselves that felt new but had been there all along. Chris’ style, grace, and intuition are unparalleled. You will leave with renewed sense of purpose, practical tools for what to do next, and gratitude for having made this investment towards the rest of your life.”

~ Melissa Cooper

And another…

“I had the most enlightening and inspiring weekend with 11 new friends – each of whom I learned so much from – and one amazing coach, Chris Trout. I am so glad I took the chance! I was pushed out of my comfort zone and learned many strategies along the way. I am confident that this training will help me both personally and professionally as I move toward Bold Goals!”

~ Shirar Patterson

And one more…

“It was a changing moment in my life, watching people step into themselves after just one day, then finding that clarity myself. What a beautiful experience!”

~ Katie Kurby

You are invited to take this transformative step in your life and work.

This is your time.

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Aligning Boldly is right for you if…

The chatter in your head and the aspirations of your heart are speaking different languages.

☛ Life is good… and there is a nagging desire for something more.

☛ You are so done waiting for “as soon as”… but your clarity about what’s next – or how to get there – is elusive, at best.

☛ You know what you want to do, but you keep getting in your own way.

You. Are. Ready. 

Aligning Boldly…

Begins with clarity and ends in inspired action.


Aligning Boldly…

Is about naming, knowing and finally aligning with YOU.


Aligning Boldly…

Is a new beginning that changes everything that follows.

Get Clarity

You’ll experience the energy and clarity that comes from courageously naming who you are and vividly seeing what you’ve only imagined.

Show up with confidence

You’ll move from reactive to proactive as you learn to recognize your “lizard brain” and tap into your “artist brain” – on purpose and at will.

Realize your vision now

You’ll sail past “as soon as” and “if only” as you begin to realize your vision right now, in the present moment. No more waiting. Your time is now.

The Aligning Boldly Weekend


7:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Introduction to the Inspired 5 Framework. 

Ah… The week is over and it’s time to ease into the weekend and get to know your fellow participants over dessert and drinks. You’ll immediately be inspired by your colleagues as we begin to share the stories that brought us here. We’ll ask “who are you?” in a whole new way – fun and light – and I’ll introduce the core concepts and structure of the weekend. Then, I’ll send you off with an intriguing question to ponder in your sleep.

Saturday (click + to open ☛)

9:00 am to Noon – Who am I? Who’s showing up? What’s in the way?

Arrive anytime from 8:30 to 8:55. (We’ll start promptly at 9:00.) I’ll have coffee, tea, and cocoa waiting for you, and there’ll be pitchers of refreshing chlorine-free well water and dark chocolate on every table.

Using the Inspired 5 Framework, you’ll explore the question, “Who am I?” at a level you may never have experienced before.

Why this question? Because everything else we will do flows directly from the answer. Before long, you’ll feel years (decades?) of self-doubt and fuzzy thinking begin to melt away, as clarity and relief take its place.

Next, we’ll bring all those gremlins, judges and self-defeating beliefs into the light of day. You’ll learn to recognize when you are in your “lizard brain” and how to tap the extraordinary power of your “artist brain.” And you’ll begin to see “what is” from an entirely new perspective, so “what’s possible” is not so far away.

That thing you’ve been imagining will begin to feel closer than ever before – because it is!

Best of all, as your “reality” shifts, so will your mindset: from reactive (doing the same thing again and expecting different results) to proactive (co-creating your day). This sets the stage for a creative process of imagining at a whole new level.

Noon to 1:00 pm – Lunch and Llamas

We’ll provide a yummy lunch and dessert. Then, you’ll want to take some time to walk the grounds, take in the changing foliage, and visit the Llamas right outside our door.

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm – Creating the vision and making it real

Wow! This morning was filled with some real work! Foundational work! Life-changing work! We’ll take a few minutes to make sure it feels clean and clear and “real” before moving forward.

Now comes the fun part: bringing your vision out of the closet and into the sunshine! The goal is vividness and clarity, sharp edges and full color. You may find yourself describing the same vision you walked in the door with, or it might be something unexpected, something even better than what you’ve allowed yourself to dream before.

It’s not enough to just name it; we’ll be workin’ it, baby!

By the time you are done, you’ll be able to articulate your vision with such clarity and feeling, that you – and everyone else in the room – will get goosebumps when you describe it. (In fact, we won’t move forward until everyone can pass the “goosebumps test.”) Making it “real” in this way will allow you to bring it into the “now” in a way that simply isn’t possible otherwise.

Seeing the clear and logical arc from who you are to where you’re going is truly a thrill. It’s like meeting yourself for the first time.

Now you are ready to ask the question that every successful creator asks dozens of times each day: What does this thing look like today, right now, in this moment? This question is the bridge from what is to what is possible. By asking this in unique and extraordinary ways, you’ll circle back through those old fears and barriers, but they won’t just won’t have that old familiar punch. Something has happened. They’ve lost their hold on you.

It won’t be the last time you’ll walk through this process, but it will be the first one, the one that inspires you and pulls you forward in that way you’ve been longing for.

5:00 pm

Phew! Time to rest and relax.

The evening is yours. Some of you will want to continue your conversations over dinner and/or a relaxing evening out. I’ll have a list of cool local restaurants and entertainment venues for you. Some of you will want to go back to your room for me-time. Or maybe you’ll do both. In any case, enjoy!

Sunday (click + to open ☛)

9:00 am to noon – Integrating who you are? Executing what you’ve imagined.

Again, I’ll have coffee, tea, and cocoa waiting for you. Overnight always brings new revelations, ideas, and questions. We’ll take the time to work through them all.

Now… You can’t know where the river flows by standing on its banks. You’ve got to step into the water and begin laying down some stones upon which you can step to get a better view.

To start, you’ll put things in writing. You’ll describe what success looks like – in detail – and what you (and your life) would look like if you left this workshop and began to lean fully into your vision. You’ll make commitments to yourself and others. You’ll strategize conversations with colleagues and loved ones. You’ll define first steps. And you’ll take action, even before you leave.

But wait! This will be a different kind of action – inspired action. Inspired action is not a means to an end, but rather an expression of who you are and what you imagine and expect. This action is art vs work. This action creates energy vs draining energy. This action is your reason for getting up in the morning. Oh, and you’ll get more done in a day than you ever have before.

Before lunch, you will have created your Aligning Boldly Commitment plan, your guide to moving forward with clarity and confidence once you go home.

Noon to 1:00 – Lunch & Llamas again

1:00 to 4:00 pm – Clarifying, commiting, sharing, and commencement

This is where it gets real (yeah, as if it hasn’t already!). You’ll clarify and share your plan in a powerful way, ask for what you ned, create accountability & partnerships, and cheer each other on.

Oh, and graduation. We definitely have to have a graduation ceremony!

The truth is, you won’t want to go. But you’ll know what you’re doing next, and you’ll leave with an amazing web of support to keep you on track and moving forward.

This is truly just the beginning.

I am so glad I took the chance! What an enlightening and inspiring weekend with new friends – each of whom I learned so much from – and one amazing coach, Chris Trout. I moved out of my comfort zone and learned strategies that have moved me both personally and professionally as I move toward Bold Goals!

Shirar Patterson, President & CEO
United Way of Eastern Maine

Aligning Boldly is just the beginning…

How many workshops have you attended where you got all pumped up and inspired, then had it all fade over time, as “reality” set back in? Not this time!

Your registration includes 3 months of full access to

The Center for Inspired Thought & Action

☛ Including the Aligning Boldly Alums Forum.
  • Me, in your ear every day, with spontaneous conversations, mini-coaching, problem-solving, encouragement, ways to shift your self-talk, and new tools to stay on track.
  • A daily digital newspaper (we call it “Daily Inspiration”) to inspire, inform and challenge you.
  • A 24/7 “Ask Chris” forum + Virtual Office Hours conference calls + Live video trainings and Q&As + Access to virtually every course/program I’ve created over the years, with new ones coming.
  • A 24/7 discussion forum with your colleagues. Not Facebook. Private. Just us.
  • Rich community profiles to get to know each other and strike up lifelong friendships.

This is a truly interactive lifelong home for personal and professional growth, strategic and emotional support, and a rich sense of community and belonging.

This quite literally changed my life. I was able to shift my perception of the events that had happened to me and gain insights and tools that I believe will be pivotal in the next phase of my life.

~ Bre Seavy


The workshop will be hosted at the Maple Hill Farm Conference Center in Hallowell, Maine. The attached bed & breakfast, beautiful foliage, live Llamas, and exquisite hosting by Scott and Vince, make this the perfect location to breathe, dream and create your new reality.


Stay in one of Maple Hill’s gorgeous and unique rooms (see the pics here) and you’ll receive a 10% discount on your reservation, breakfast included. (And we’re talking a real, homemade, made-to order breakfast!) But act quickly, as there are limited rooms. Just call Scott or Vince at 1-800-622-2708 and let them know you are with Strengths in Focus, or make your reservation online and use the Promo Code: MTG. Alternatively, the affordable and highly reviewed Quality Inn is just four miles away.


Maple Hill is just an hour (or so) from Portland International Jetport (PWM) to the south or Bangor International Airport (BGR) to the north. There is also a small airport in Augusta, just a few miles away. Alternatively, Concord Trailways provides deluxe bus service (very comfortable, movies, etc.) from Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston for a very reasonable price. Need a lift from Portland or Augusta? I’m happy to make the links with others – or maybe just pick you up myself! We’ll send directions with your registration packet.

Who is Chris Trout?

Who is Chris Trout?

Founder and CIO (Chief Inspired Officer), Strengths in Focus

Who am I? Like you, it depends on how I am naming “what is” at any given moment, and whether I am aligned with what holds me back or what moves me forward. During a decades-long exploration of hidden strengths and resilience, I have been blessed with the most remarkable teachers. First as a clinical music therapist, then as an educator, family mediator, executive director, and national speaker, I have been invited into the lives of thousands of resilient children, youth, and adults, and have inspired professionals across North America and as far as New Zealand to South Africa.

For the past 15 years, as founder and Chief Inspired Officer of Strengths in Focus, I have found my joy in creating tools and resources to change lives: a 10-hour audio series on loving life; a book, CD, and workbook on resilience; the Inspired Personal Leadership Masterclass; and, most recently, in the creation of the online Center for Inspired Thought & Action, to name a few.

Aligning Boldly, and the Five Inspired Questions framework, is the culmination of all that I have learned from people just like you, who are ready to align with who they really are and do what they thought they could not do.

It was a changing moment in my life, watching people step into themselves after just one day, then finding that clarity myself. What a beautiful experience!

~ Katie Burby, Community Support Worker

What is your investment and what is it worth?

What is the cost of inertia?   What is the cost to your life and livelihood?   What is the cost to your soul?
And what is it worth to live whole-heartedly, both feet in, pursuing what calls you and loving life?

Yep, priceless!


The cost of the Aligning Boldly Weekend Retreat is $475. 

☛ Limited scholarships are available. Contact Chris.

☛ Bring a friend and you both save $75.

Questions? (207) 767-2024
I’m happy to chat with you.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 
~ Howard Thurman

Your registration includes:

  • Weekend retreat with Chris Trout
  • Comprehensive materials
  • Friday dessert & drinks
  • Saturday/Sunday coffee/pastry, lunch & pm snack
  • 3-month full access to the Center for Inspired Thought & Action

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