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Every week or so, sometimes more often, I write a thought piece about some aspect of seeing differently – in life, in relationships, in work and our engagement with the world. Please feel free to search by category, using the tools on the right, or just browse to your heart’s content. Your comments make all of this rich with your ideas and insights.  Enjoy!

Revving down to take off

I used to pride myself on "building the airplane as it flew." I thought it showed I was adept and creative. And sometimes that was true. And sometimes it just meant I hadn't taken the necessary downtime to fully envision what I was building before it took off! This...

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Why change happens

Between 1990 to 1995, I asked thousands of teens how many knew someone who was gay or lesbian. In the early years, a handful of brave souls would raise their hands. Most assured me that they didn't have gay kids at their school or declared that they didn't "believe in...

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Stripping our own gears

Walking down the street today, my eyes welled up with a too-familiar bittersweet sadness. I knew this feeling. For all my life I've called it depression. Mild depression for sure, but chronic, familiar, and nasty. This label made sense. Depression runs deep in my...

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The Hardest Thank You

Thank you.  These words come so easily when the sun is shining and life is good. You can feel the richness of the Universe. You can feel the love that abounds. Gratitude is one of the wonderful ways we naturally milk these moments for all they are worth. With each...

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Lightness of being

There is one quality that is common to folks I've known who are highly creative, happy, innovative, inspired - all that wonderful stuff most of us wish for. Not surprisingly, it is also the feeling that comes after a big shift, release or "aha" moment. An incredible...

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A conversation with fear

You know that feeling when you know - without question or doubt - that you need to clear the cobwebs out of your thinking and start anew? As if your very life depended on it? That's me. Big time. No question or doubt. OK, I lied. Lots of doubt.I've allowed a too-long...

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Speechless for Dr. King

I've lost count of how many times I've sat down to write this reflection. I knew it had to be about Dr. King, yet I am left speechless. Ironic, I know. Dr. King was anything but speechless. He cut through the noise with such clarity, such vision, such courage. And...

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Moments of Grace

What have been your moments of grace? That teacher who saw you for who you really are? The relief of discovering your own strength - and knowing you would be OK? Being loved, being seen, feeling joy, perfect timing, second chances, the road rising up to meet you,...

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