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Every week or so, sometimes more often, I write a thought piece about some aspect of seeing differently – in life, in relationships, in work and our engagement with the world. Please feel free to search by category, using the tools on the right, or just browse to your heart’s content. Your comments make all of this rich with your ideas and insights.  Enjoy!

Vision = Life… Really?

For much of my life, I didn't know I was doing it. When my best high school buddy (who I thought saved my life) was sure he was a loser, I saw him as insightful and loving and fearless - and that is the person he saw in my eyes during our late night conversations. He...

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In the absence of vision

I'm sitting on the pretty outdoor patio of a local restaurant, noticing. The food is decent. The service is what you'd expect. The surroundings are nicer than most. Yet, something is clearly missing. There's no life here, no sense of purpose, nothing they are trying...

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The One-Minute Therapist

You are probably familiar with Albert Einstein's definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." We quote it, laugh at it, and nod our heads knowingly when we hear it. Then, we do exactly what he described. We do the...

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Beauty from adversity

It's been a year since the world lost one of the brightest lights it has ever known. I lost my friend - and my "treasured" excuses (I called them reasons) for being less than I am. These are my words the day she passed. May they lift you up and move you forward. The...

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What’s got your attention?

There certainly is an awful lot to distract us these days, isn't there? Politically, financially, professionally, personally... So much that feels "not right." So we get distracted. We get so caught up talking about what needs to change - in us and around us - that we...

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Rescued from the Dinghy Rack

There is no prison, no box, no punishment that will ever compare to that imposed by our own self-talk. No one will ever judge us more harshly. No truth will ever feel so absolute. Yet... As I walked the waterfront with my dear friend, I circled the wagons around my...

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The only choice – is yours

Love your life...      (or not). Be inspired...     (or not). Do great work...     (or not). Go first...     (or not). Lead...     (or not). These are the choices to be made. Each, a binary choice; there are no others. Making them true is not binary, but making the...

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