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Every week or so, sometimes more often, I write a thought piece about some aspect of seeing differently – in life, in relationships, in work and our engagement with the world. Please feel free to search by category, using the tools on the right, or just browse to your heart’s content. Your comments make all of this rich with your ideas and insights.  Enjoy!

What’s got your attention?

There certainly is an awful lot to distract us these days, isn't there? Politically, financially, professionally, personally... So much that feels "not right." So we get distracted. We get so caught up talking about what needs to change - in us and around us - that we...

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Rescued from the Dinghy Rack

There is no prison, no box, no punishment that will ever compare to that imposed by our own self-talk. No one will ever judge us more harshly. No truth will ever feel so absolute. Yet... As I walked the waterfront with my dear friend, I circled the wagons around my...

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The only choice – is yours

Love your life...      (or not). Be inspired...     (or not). Do great work...     (or not). Go first...     (or not). Lead...     (or not). These are the choices to be made. Each, a binary choice; there are no others. Making them true is not binary, but making the...

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Are you free to lead?

It's hard to lead from inside a box - cramped, dark, lit only by the peephole you poked in the side to see what's going on. Some boxes are imposed from the outside, created by wrong-headed policies, inadequate funding, or morale-draining "leadership" from above. Some...

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It’s your job to see beauty!

Even (especially?) leaders tend to see work as a list of responsibilities: coordinate, oversee, organize... We rarely use words that reflect what matters most: inspire, empower, engage... But real leaders don't have the luxury of simply executing tasks and strategies....

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Time to Lead

I left the house Saturday morning expecting to join 1,000 or so people at Portland's Women's March. Instead, I found myself shoulder-to-shoulder with more than 10,000. It took my breath away. What really caught my eye was the positive, forward-thinking tone of so many...

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