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Every week or so, sometimes more often, I write a thought piece about some aspect of seeing differently – in life, in relationships, in work and our engagement with the world. Please feel free to search by category, using the tools on the right, or just browse to your heart’s content. Your comments make all of this rich with your ideas and insights.  Enjoy!

3 Questions

This week’s blog is simple. I want to ask you three questions and I want to ask you to share your answers where others can see. I want you to come back here and see what others have written. I want you to feel the community around your answers and be community... read more

Thriving is a state of mind

Thrive: “to grow vigorously; to flourish” ( Thriving businesses and organizations are active, engaged and full of movement and growth.  Their energy is irresistible. We want what they’re drinking, to be part of what they are... read more

You just got schooled

This country got schooled this week by Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina. This is the church where Dylan Roof murdered nine people during a weekly Bible study. We got schooled by people whose history (and present-day experience) of oppression, violence... read more

Leaping into new territory

 I know, everything is not the opposite of what we thought was true, but it is amazing how much of the really transformative stuff is.  Like the new definition of strengths, which distinguishes between what energizes you and what you’ve simply learned to do... read more

How long must you wait?

We all know what “bad” stress feels like: It’s like being pulled in too many directions, trying to please too many masters at once and generally feeling trapped and overwhelmed. With regular stress, we can point to a cause: money troubles, a difficult relationship,... read more

Life is but a dream

I know, I know. Beyonce already used this title for her new autobiographical film. And, in the context of Beyonce’s story, the title certainly seems apropos. But I grew up in a house where dreams, as my daughter would say, just weren’t “a real thing.” It isn’t that... read more

The power of not knowing

We humans seem to have an insatiable need to know. This is a good thing – except when it isn’t. It certainly drives innovation, discovery and growth: sailing to the “edge of the earth,” curing diseases, understanding the laws of physics. It can also limit our thinking... read more

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