This might not work.

This is the mantra Seth Godin introduced to the entrepreneurial world. Anything worth doing, by its very nature, might not work. That’s the deal.

And so it is in our lives. Risk and value go hand in hand. If you want the road to rise up to meet you, you must decide to meet the road.

But what if it doesn’t work? What if it’s the wrong decision? What if this thing you want to do, this change you want to make, is just another dressed-up version of the same old, same old?

Yeah? What if? So what? Do you not think it will move you forward? Movement is movement. It changes the scenery, shifts your perspective, gives you new information from which you can make your next decision.

And… when you make a decision, something marvelous happens: Your brain turns on the filters to notice all the information you need to succeed. What looks like coincidences and weird synchronicity is just your brain tuning into stuff it ignored before.

It happens with something as simple as deciding to walk to the corner store. Once decided with certainty, your brain flips on all the right filters: What is the weather? Are these shoes comfortable? Is the store open? Do I have money?  But if you waffle about going, you end up running around in a fog, leave without your keys, forget that your wallet is on the table, etc.

And so it is when you decide to change careers, make your marriage better, be kinder, or move to Africa! Until you decide, your brain conserves energy by maintaining the status quo. Once you decide, the new filter settings are activated and the road rises up to meet you.

How do you decide? You do your best, acknowledge that it might not work (and that it might, or that something even better might come from moving in that direction) and decide that being fully alive is worth the risk.

Decisions are not made because we are certain of the outcome. Decisions are made because we are certain that moving in the direction of what calls us (that is, being fully alive!) beats standing still any day.

As your mama used to say, “That milk from the store ain’t gonna walk to you!”

But if you decide to go get it, it just might meet you halfway!


Aligning Boldly is just one month away. It. Is. Time. To. Decide. 

This is a decision you will never regret, that will change everything that comes next. You’ll leave with new lifelong friends and supporters, new insights and wisdom, new life tools, and new decisions. The road will rise up to meet you.

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