There is one quality that is common to folks I’ve known who are highly creative, happy, innovative, inspired – all that wonderful stuff most of us wish for. Not surprisingly, it is also the feeling that comes after a big shift, release or “aha” moment.

An incredible lightness of being.

Laughter comes easily. The face radiates. There is just an ease – a lightness – that inhabits the soul. All is well with the world. Even when problems need to be solved or suffering relieved, there is a sense that the Universe is a cooperative player in the solutions.

I love that feeling!  When I feel that lightness of being, I feel like I can do anything, overcome any barrier, solve any problem.

So I got to wondering…

Can I work this process backward? What would happen if I began my day with the intention to:

  • Love every person I meet;
  • Look for reasons to smile or laugh – just to be contagious;
  • Remember how often things work out and conclude that the Universe is my cooperative partner for the day;
  • Remember that I am a speck – one of several billion specks riding on one of several trillion rocks flying through a galaxy of incomprehensible size – and not take any of it quite so seriously.

I’ll get distracted and forget, I’m quite sure. My little lizard brain will get triggered and I’ll start to get all heavy trying to fix myself – and everyone around me.

But what if I started with this lightness of being, even when my sister has cancer, my boss is a jerk or my partner has chosen now (of all times!) to have an existential crisis? I wonder if lightness might slowly become a habit, and start to last a little longer, and feel more natural – like it is actually me: creative, happy, innovative, inspired.

It might not work, but it sure seems worth a try, if only for those moments when I forget I can’t – and am.