What have been your moments of grace?

  • That teacher who saw you for who you really are?
  • The relief of discovering your own strength – and knowing you would be OK?
  • Being loved, being seen, feeling joy, perfect timing, second chances, the road rising up to meet you, forgiveness – again.

For me, these moments came in the form of sitting in the grass with Mary Cambell the day she broke up with me, the night I surrendered to falling in love with my wife, long walks with each of my children, as adults, and making peace with my father.

They had names like PT, Diz, Janeene, Maya, Joey, Misty, and Ms. Burkhart.

We can’t make them happen, we can only allow them – and notice.

But when we allow ourselves to remember and feel deep gratitude for these moments, we invite new moments of grace – even when grace feels very far away.

Try it, right now. Bring one of these moments of grace to mind. Now savor it. How did it sound, smell, feel? Experience it deep in your body. See it vividly in your mind’s eye. Let it linger and settle into your heart before letting it go. And before that release, say “Thank you.”

Now, just notice. Don’t look for it in your day. (Is it there? Is it there?) Just notice.

Allow grace to appear. There it is, across the street, in the office, in a moment of genuine caring with a friend.

Moments of grace surround us. Once we start noticing, we feel abundant and generous, and we become the source of these moments of grace for others. And so it goes…

You are grace. Remember?


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