I used to pride myself on “building the airplane as it flew.” I thought it showed I was adept and creative. And sometimes that was true.

And sometimes it just meant I hadn’t taken the necessary downtime to fully envision what I was building before it took off!

This time is different. The Strengths in Focus  Lead Differently plane is moving toward takeoff – fast – and last week I made promises that nothing would get in the way. But that doesn’t mean we can’t shut down a few systems to conserve fuel and divert resources. Afterall, the goal is to get this right, to impact more people more powerfully than ever before – and to do it with an elegant simplicity and ease.

So, this will be my last post before the big changeover. Oh, you’ll get my notes about an upcoming online Lunch ‘n Learn, the emerging Mastermind Group, and the September 18 Inspired Leader’s Mindset workshop, but between now and Labor Day, I’m giving myself permission to go deep into creative design work, so I can keep my promises to you. I’ll be using the same process I teach:

See differently  |  Align fully  |  Imagine vividly  |  Engage powerfully

Come September 4, we’ll hit the runway going 0 to 60 in about 3 seconds flat, But first, we have to rev down the engines and prepare for takeoff.