Thank you

These words come so easily when the sun is shining and life is good. You can feel the richness of the Universe. You can feel the love that abounds.

Gratitude is one of the wonderful ways we naturally milk these moments for all they are worth. With each expression of thanks, we are lifted up and we extend the life of that well-being just a bit longer.

But what about when the clouds mask the sun, and darkness covers the earth – at least the part you can see?

Sadness. Grief. Disappointment.

We needn’t deny our darker feelings in order to feel deep gratitude that the sun is still shining behind the clouds. We can feel these feelings deeply and know that strength grows from our adversity, and that amazing lessons and unexpected events lie just around the corner.

Gratitude, in fact, deepens our ability to feel.

Bittersweet. Paradoxical. Mystery.

These are the rich words we use to describe our ability to simultaneously hold loss and love, disappointment and hope, anger and letting go. And these are the words that describe life at its richest and most rewarding.

When, even in our darkest hours, we can feel gratitude for the fullness of life, then we will surely know, even in our darkest hours, that the sun still rises and that we are fully alive.


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