Listening to a phenomenal interview with Maya Angelou.
Buying tickets to visit my daughter in Thailand.
Allowing myself to step fully into my brilliance – and feeling that powerful energy bounce right back toward me.

Three times in the last week when I felt infinite joy… for an infinitesimal moment.

It is that mixture of gratitude, awe, mystery, surrender and utter joy that comes so unexpectedly – then dissipates so quickly, as if it is too exquisite and precious to hold.

It comes when we step out and allow ourselves to be fully seen, fully who we are.

Stepping out so we can align within. That’s it, isn’t it? We don’t get one without the other. We can’t align within unless we are willing to take the risk of stepping out. We can’t step out without the courage and power that comes from aligning within.

Serendipitously, and as so often happens when I step out and the Universe rises up to meet me, I tripped across this video of Keala Settle in rehearsals for the irrepressibly inspiring film, The Greatest Showman. In it, we watch her “step out” and move into utter surrender and joy. You can feel that it is personal and real – and perfectly aligned with who she is.

And. it. is. pure. joy. 

So, watch Keala do it, then ask: “What would it take for me to feel this kind of infinite joy. What would I have to let go of – and what would I have to embrace?”

Mmm. Did you feel that?


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