So much in the air: rebranding, new business name, new website, new community, new services, new yummy vision…


And so much holding me back: family illness, death & conflict, a leaky toilet, a broken dishwasher & clothes dryer, and…and…and… OMG, stop!

Seeing my dilemma (non-movement on the very stuff that lights me up), the Universe stepped in to help: nasty people hacked my website and, for about 24 hours, made it their own, creating a cascade of problems that will take me weeks to address – and may have damaged my Strengths in Focus identity permanently.

How’s that for a no-excuses wake-up call to let go of the old and get moving on the new!?

Funny thing is, I kind of welcomed the shake-up! It reminded me that life will not wait for the “disruptions” to pass and the timing to be perfect.  It is a choice whether to stay in “treading water” mode or keep moving forward, trusting that all will be well. I choose movement.

So, I’m making promises! (Yikes!!!) By the end of August, I will have:

  1. Built and launched my new website, under my new business name: Lead Differently.
  2. Launched my curated 12-month mastermind group for eight remarkable leaders.
  3. Launched the online Center for Inspired Leaders.

I’m out of my skin excited (and terrified) about all of them, but the life changer is the Center for Inspired Leaders. It is here that we will get to play every day through online conversations, weekly coaching calls, monthly challenges, hot seat sessions, and masterclasses, and a framework to lead differently – the way you intended.

Do you have something you’ve been putting off, waiting for the right time? Join me. Make some promises and keep them, not just to yourself but to others. They don’t have to be huge promises. Little steps will do. Just make and keep your promise, then feel the sense of freedom that comes with knowing you can – and did.

The Universe kicked me in the butt – and I’m glad! Just what I needed! Post your promise below and we’ll hold hands along the way.


Make your reservations now for my September 18 presentation of The Inspired Leader’s Mindset. Here are the details.

(No worries, the site has been cleaned and your reservation is completely safe. That said, if you prefer, you can register by calling (207) 767-2024.)