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a day of transformative learning with Chris Trout
9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST
Abromson Center, University of Southern Maine
(or live video stream)
You don’t need a new strategy; you need a new way of seeing.

Lead Differently:
The Inspired Leader’s Mindset

A one-day workshop to help you lead the way you intended
with heart  |  with passion  |  with excellence

Three opportunities…

Wed, June 27, 2018 (closed)
Thur, July 26, 2018 (closed)
Tues, Sept 18, 2018

Live in Portland, Maine
Live stream 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”~ Albert Einstein

In this engaging and inspired day, you will…

☛ Change the way you see things so the things you look at can change.

Flip key assumptions on their head so you can see solutions.

Recognize when you are in your “lizard brain” – and know how to shift your mindset so you can lead effectively.

Articulate your vision/intention so vividly, it’s contagious – because clarity = energy = action!

Ask four liberating questions to cut through the endless demands and do what you intended

Get why millennials rockif you know how to inspire them!

Turn every fierce conversation into an inspired opportunity.

Get inspired – and know how to stay there
Isn’t that what you intended?

“After completing this workshop, I feel ready to own my brilliance and have the confidence to take my leadership to the next level.  I look forward to inspiring my team and changing my community for the better.” 

~ Shirar Patterson, Senior Vice President and COO, United Way of Eastern Maine, Bangor

About Chris Trout

A visionary speaker, author, and mentor, Chris Trout has spent a lifetime exploring the nature of unrecognized strengths, resilience, and the growth mindset in diverse populations. He has ignited audiences from inner-city Los Angeles to rural Canada, and his writings and recordings have inspired professionals from New Zealand to South Africa. He now brings this lifetime of inspired wisdom to the lives of intentional leaders like you – people who see more, want more and strive for more. You can find Chris savoring his life and work on the beautiful coast of southern Maine. 

What is a “leader? Who is this for?

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.  ~ Jonathon Swift
A leader is someone who inspires others to go where they would not have gone alone.  ~ Chris Trout
Get it?
Leaders can be obvious or unexpected. Some have titles and some do not. They lead from above or from within. And they can be found in business, classrooms, neighborhoods, seats of power – anywhere that people long to see the invisible and go where they might not have gone alone.
What binds leaders together is a deep desire to make a difference.
We begin with that enthusiasm to do it differently and to engage others joyfully. Then, the cloud of endless demands and the drain of internal doubts make us forget “why.”
The Inspired Leader’s Mindset sees through that clutter; articulates that vision with contagious clarity, and knows how to engage, empower and inspire others to join in the journey.

When is the workshop?

There are currently three opportunities to attend this one-day experience:
Wed, June 27, 2018 (closed)
Thur, July 26, 2018
Tues, Sept 18, 2018

Do I have to come to Portland to attend?

No. I know you want to. Live is always more fun.
But real-time livestream video allows you to attend from your home or office.
So, there are two options
Live with me at the beautiful Abromson Center on the Portland Campus of the University of Southern Maine
Live from your office via Zoom video live stream
(See FAQs for details)

What about lunch?

I’ll provide a full hour for lunch, along with a list of local restaurants within a short walk or drive. (If you are on livestream, you’ll have to provide your own list!)

What is my investment?

I’m hoping you’ll invest all of you for the day!
(Oh, wait. You meant how much moolah, right?)
1-3 attendees
Business:  $229 pp
Not-for-profit:  $129 pp
Livestream: $79 pp
Teams of 4 or more
Business:  $149 pp
Not-for-profit:  $99 pp
Livestream: $79 pp

“Chris’ work is different from anything I’ve experienced before.

~ Carol Langner, Executive, Alberta, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the Abromson Center?

The beautiful Abromson Center is located at 88 Bedford Street on the Portland campus of the University of Southern Maine. The Clark Room is on the second floor and has ample natural light and a view of the campus. There is currently construction on Bedford Street. Your confirmation email will provide directions and any special instructions.

Is there free parking?

The Abromson Center has its own attached parking garage off Bedford Street. Parking is currently free and, while this could potentially change in the fall, any charges will be less than other available parking. Your confirmation email will provide details.

What do I need to participate via live stream?

All you’ll need is a computer and a strong internet connection. Your confirmation email will contain instructions to download the tiny Zoom application – or you can simply view via your browser. While a webcam and/or microphone is not required, I will provide 2-3 opportunities during the day for distance participants to come onscreen and ask questions. You will also be able to submit questions via text chat.

If there are sufficient distance participants, we will be able to break you out into small groups during exercises.

What is something goes wrong with the live stream?

While every effort will be made to ensure a strong connection throughout the day, there is always the possibility of technical problems. The session will be recorded and, should there be any problems, that recording will be made available for a limited time following the workshop date.

Remember, I cannot be responsible for a poor connection on your end. For the very best performance, connect to the internet via a direct connection to your cable box. If that is not practical, be sure your wifi connection is strong and close all other applications on your computer.

What is something happens and I cannot attend?

Just email me at or call me at (207) 767-2024. You have three options if this occurs:

  1. You may send someone else in your place.
  2. As long as there is space available, you may transfer your registration to another date.
  3. I will credit your account with the amount of your unused registration and you may apply that amount to any future Strengths in Focus event, service or product.

Refunds will be issued only in rare instances and at my discretion.

What if I have unique circumstances, like a split of people attending live and distance, or a very large group?

Just call me at (207) 767-2024 to chat about any special needs.

Is the Abromson Center handicap accessible?

Yes. As a relatively new building, the Abromson Center is fully ADA compliant.

Come prepared to laugh out loud and go deep inside, find relief and challenge what you thought was true, be the learner and share your brilliance. You don’t want to miss this. 

“Chris Trout has been instrumental in the transformation of our workplace culture. Over the past 3 years, Chris has spoken at our management and executive level retreats, each time guiding us to be our best selves while igniting an overwhelming energy of excitement for what could be. Not only have our employees grown as individuals and in their personal lives but our company has expanded into a team that works together with integrity and passion as we fearlessly think outside of the box.

Chris possesses an aura of ease, trust and honesty that makes his work genuine. I have never met a person who could make others feel so grounded while challenging them to reach for the stars.” 

~Teri Nickerson, HR Director, Portland, Maine

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Still have questions?

Email me at or call (207) 767-2024.