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|          a remarkable personal and professional journey with Chris Trout

How to be an Inspired Personal Leader

a live workshop to help you powerfully engage, empower and inspire your team – and yourself!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Portland, Maine

🙁 So sorry. This date has passed. Want me to let you know when the next one is scheduled? Just leave me you name and email and I’ll shoot you a note.

I get it! 

  • Too often, “getting it done” overrides making it fun.
  • Way too often, you’re more tired than inspired. 
  • You had a vision, but it somehow got lost in “what is.”
  • You wanted to do this one differently, but…
  • And the clock is ticking on your life!

 But it doesn’t have to be this way!

  • What if you could do it the way you intended?
  • What if everyone felt excited and proud and fully invested?
  • What if your vision and energy were palpable – and contagious?
  • What if you knew exactly where to start and what to do next?
  • What if you were truly aligned with you… in spirit… in-spired.

There is a different way!

Inspired Personal Leadership is a different way of thinking and seeing. It changes what comes next by building on what is strong, right and powerful. Clarity, courage and inspired action no longer feel “out there;” they are right here, right now, in this moment. And it sounds like joy, enthusiasm, excitement, commitment and community. (Can you hear it?)

Join me for this spirited, challenging and life changing workshop.

By the end of our day together, you will…

Know what matters most (
You’ll understand that leading well is not about getting all the people, circumstances and time in the perfect configuration. Instead, you’ll focus on a few critical actions designed to fully engage others and build momentum in the desired direction.
Focus on strengths & follow the energy (read more 🔽))
You’ll understand that strengths create energy, and you’ll seek to maximize that energy, while minimizing and managing weakness – both for yourself and for your team. You’ll master the art of tilting the work in favor of this energy.
Engage the artist in everyone (read more 🔽))
You’ll know how to nurture a team of people who recognize when they are in their “lizard brain,” and know how to shift to the “artist brain” and get things done!
Articulate an irresistible WHY and a compelling vision (read more 🔽))
You’ll “get it” that nothing inspired happens without a “why” that defines its edges, and a vision that sees beyond the horizon. You’ll know how to create a “why” that is both infectious and energizing.”
Clear the clutter so others can do their best work (read more 🔽))
You’ll see and name the nonsense and the unnecessary. You’ll master the art of being the buffer between the nonsense and the work, and you’ll know how to equip and empower your team to navigate this paradoxical space.

Can you imagine it? Come make it so!

About Chris Trout

A visionary speaker, author and mentor, Chris Trout has spent a lifetime exploring the nature of unrecognized strengths, resilience and the growth mindset with extraordinarily diverse populations. He has ignited audiences from inner city Los Angeles to rural Canada, and his writings and recordings have inspired professionals from New Zealand to South Africa. He now brings this lifetime of inspired wisdom to the lives of personal leaders like you – people who see more, want more and strive for more. You can find Chris savoring his life and work on the beautiful southern coast of Maine. 

“After completing this workshop, I feel ready to own my brilliance and have the confidence to take my leadership to the next level.  I look forward to inspiring my team and changing my community for the better.” 

~ Shirar Patterson, Senior Vice President and COO, United Way of Eastern Maine, Bangor

Let me paint the picture…

After you get your coffee and a yummy treat, we’ll start the day by asking three questions to connect, raise the energy, and confirm that you are not alone!

Then, it’s story time. (I’ll be the story teller.) We’ll explore the big themes that will guide our work and challenge old ways if thinking. It’s dynamic, engaging and pretty damn fun!

What do lizards and artists have to do with being inspired (and creative, problem-solving, energized and brilliant)? We’ll go deep into what holds you back and what moves you forward.

Now, it’s time to look at what’s different about the strengths of inspired and successful people. You’ll see your StrengthsFinder results in a new light and figure out what it all means once you go back to work. (Lots of surprises here!) You’ll learn how to maximize your strengths, minimize or manage your weaknesses, and do the same for others. And (cue the scary music) you’ll claim your own brilliance and discover how to follow that energy!

With this foundation, you’ll name your why (and why it matters) and articulate your vision so powerfully, you’ll get goosebumps. You’ll name what matters most and learn to buffer the nonsense and clutter that distracts you.

Finally, you’ll design the web of support that will allow you to sustain this new way of seeing, and name what will you do first when you leave our wonderful day and return to “reality.”

Come prepared to laugh out loud and go deep inside, find relief and challenge what you thought was true, be the learner and share your brilliance. You don’t want to miss this. (Add a Full Engagement Kickstart Jam Session to ground it even more specifically. Scroll down for details.)

Space is limited.

Reserve your seat now!

“As a leader, my goal is to strengthen and grow the people I surround myself with. I sent one of my associates, who was wanting more for himself professionally, to Chris’ workshop. The aftermath… was astounding. He was able to step back and recognize not only his strengths, but his weaknesses. Combined with a newfound inspiration from the seminar, the outcome has been amazing. He has not only been promoted to a leadership position, but is now one of the strongest team members we have. I attribute a big part of his success to attending this seminar.”

~ Courtney Freeman, Senior Executive Director, Northbridge Companies

Here is what you’ll get when you attend:

#1  A complimentary access code to complete your Clifton StrengthsFinder Profile online, which will return your Top 5 Signature Strengths. (Value: $15)

#2  Complimentary digital download of Tom Rath’s NY Times best-selling book, StrengthsFinder 2.0, which includes descriptions of all 34 Signature Strengths. (Value: $15)

#3  A day of extraordinary learning and insight with Chris Trout, and a room full of like-minded colleagues seeking to be Inspired Personal Leaders.

#4  A training packet full of valuable worksheets, strategies and next steps.

#5  Access to the entire online version of this workshop, including a private, moderated discussion group, where you can continue the conversation with your peers and other alumni of this seminar.

#6  The opportunity to register for a Full Engagement Kickstart Jam Session with me at reduced cost. You may schedule this session either before or after the workshop.

#7  Some special surprise perks to be announced at the end of our day together.

#8  A follow-up Q&A group conference call with Chris Trout one month after the workshop.

#9  Coffee, tea and light morning and afternoon snacks.

“Chris’ work is different from anything I’ve experienced before.

~ Carol Langner, Executive, Alberta, Canada

What happens when I register?

  1. question-mark-150You will receive an email confirming your registration and providing all the details to prepare for and attend the training.
  2. You will be prompted to create an account at the Center for Inspired Leadership. This will give you 24/7 access to the Discussion forum and the online version of our workshop.
  3. If you booked a Full Engagement Kickstart Jam Session, Chris will contact you to schedule.
  4. 7-10 days before the workshop, you’ll receive your access code to go online and complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder profile and download your digital copy of the NY Times best selling book, StrengthsFinder 2.0, by Tom Rath.
  5. When you arrive for the workshop, you will receive your packet of materials, including some special perks just for workshop attendees.
  6. One month after the workshop, I will host a follow-up conference call for all attendees, where you can ask questions, share stories, get help with problem-solving or just get recharged.

“Chris Trout has been instrumental in the transformation of our workplace culture. Over the past 3 years, Chris has spoken at our management and executive level retreats, each time guiding us to be our best selves while igniting an overwhelming energy of excitement for what could be. Not only have our employees grown as individuals and in their personal lives but our company has expanded into a team that works together with integrity and passion as we fearlessly think outside of the box.

Chris possesses an aura of ease, trust and honesty that makes his work genuine. I have never met a person who could make others feel so grounded while challenging them to reach for the stars.” 

~Teri Nickerson, (former) Director of Human Resources, Stanford Management, Portland, Maine

Where is the workshop?

The workshop will be held at the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, at the corner of Congress and Elm, right across from Monument Square in beautiful downtown Portland, Maine. Directions will be sent with your welcome email. You will have an hour to enjoy lunch at your choice of dozens of restaurants, cafes and food courts located within blocks of our workshop location.

Add a Full Engagement Kickstart Jam Session and save $70

Sometimes we need to get out of our own heads. Imagine having 90 minutes with me, one-on-one, to go deep into the specific challenges you face as a leader, a team, an organization. That is the Full Engagement Kickstart Jam Session. For a short time, this session is available to others for just $160. You can add it to your registration for just $90.

How do we meet?
We can meet right on your computer, via Zoom high-quality video conferencing, or we can meet by phone.

Can I have others with me during the session?
Sure. I am happy to meet with you, your team, or any combination of people you choose. This is your time.

Why is this called a jam session?
Because it can be as focused or far reaching as you want and need. We can go deep into a single issue or filter through your laundry list of challenges. Work on your communication, better understand your strengths and style, or nail your vision and plan of action. Or perhaps you want to problem-solve specific conflicts, relationships or structural challenges. The agenda is all yours.

Why is it called a Kickstart session?
Because it is designed to move you and/or your team off the dime and in the direction you want to go; to break the logjams, dissolve the barriers and create momentum. Your session is designed to create movement and stimulate inspired action

And why is it called Full Engagement?
Because that is the goal. When you and your team are fully engaged and committed, you are unstoppable. Full Engagement means full of energy, innovation, creative problem-solving, teamwork and vision. Most important, Full Engagement is self-reinforcing; it produces its own energy and keeps you moving forward.

To schedule your Jam Session, use the combo link below.
You’ll save $70 and I’ll contact you to schedule your session at your convenience.

The cost for everything, including:

The workshop
The resource packet
Your StrengthsFinder Profile
StrengthsFinder 2.0, by Tom Rath
Follow-up conference call with Chris
24/7 access to resources and materials

24/7 access to the IPL alumni Discussion Forum

is just

$149  Workshop


$239  Workshop + Kickstart Jam Session
(Includes all of the above +
Full Engagement Kickstart Jam Session)


Groups of 4 or more receive an additional $10 pp discount. 


Click below to register securely at

Need a printable workshop description? Click here.

Need to pay by check or PO?
Have questions?

Call (207) 767-2024

Still not sure?

  • Q:  Should I spend the money?
    • A: It is unlikely that this workshop will be available for this price again.
    • A: You receive $30 in complimentary products and services.
    • A: You get both the live workshop and 24/7 access to the online version of this workshop, including videos, materials and discussion forum, so you can come back for reminders and support any time you like. 
    • ‘Nough said!
  • Q: Is this the right time?
    • A: There is something about an “I’m in!” spirit that increases all the benefits of this workshop. All in. Both feet. Whole-hearted. 
  • Q:  Will it really get me what I want/need?
    • A: That, of course, is up to you. But rest assured, these insights and tools can transform the way you live and lead – both professionally and personally.
  • Q: Do I have the time?
    • A: A question for you: Are you spending your time “getting it done” or really making a difference? Give yourself this day and you’ll find that you and time are getting along much better – and getting more of the right stuff done.

Still have questions?

Email me at or call (207) 767-2024.