You are precisely who you think you are.

This is, perhaps, the most profound truth of our existence – and the greatest source of our pain.

You are endlessly complex and paradoxical – more than you can ever hope to comprehend, balance or “integrate.”

Moments of extraordinary courage, wisdom, joy, strength and lightness of being compete with weak-kneed fear, stupidity, intractability, hurtfulness, passivity and shame.

It is all true. It is all you.

Amplify the former and energy courses through your veins! Amplify the latter and nothing feels worth doing.

Why is this a difficult choice? Why do we so often turn up the volume on the parts of who we are that drain us, defeat us and tell us we can’t?

Why do we create pain and separation – from ourselves and from each other – when there is so much beauty to be amplified? Why do we think defeating ourselves is what serious-minded people do?

Nonsense! It is nothing more than ignoring the beauty of a rose so you can call everyone’s attention to the thorns.

“Come everyone! See how the thorns have ruined the rose. See how they prick your finger and draw your blood. How can you admire such a broken, horrid creation?”

You are precisely who you think you are.  And. You. Get. To. Choose.

But before you choose, please let me tell you…

You are quite magnificent. Every experience of your life has brought you to this moment. Every hurt and failure has sharpened your insight and strengthened your spirit. Every joy has stoked the fire of your soul. You are beautiful and evolving and loved. (Oh, yes, loved.)

Will you smell the rose or rage against the thorn?

It is up to you, for who you are is precisely who you think you are.


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