Ironic, isn’t it, that our greatest longing is for connection, love, and feeling valued in the world, yet we are endlessly creative in the ways we hide from connection, love, and feeling valued in the world.

  1. The house is a wreck
  2. I’ve been so busy
  3. Everyone else is so busy
  4. I just want get the kitchen finished first
  5. I’ve let so much time go by, it would be awkward to call them now.
  6. They haven’t reached out to me. I mean, it’s their turn, right?
  7. I talked way too much last time. They probably think I’m a bore.
  8. I just need time for myself.
  9. Their politics on Facebook are, well…
  10. I’m afraid.

Wait. What? Did I say that last one out loud? Scratch that.

Except, that’s the real one, isn’t it? And the only one.

Not that all the other’s aren’t true – they just aren’t the truth.

So, months, years, even decades go by, and we get in the habit of intended relationships vs real relationships. Not nearly as satisfying, are they?

And all that is required to change this nonsensical pattern of avoidance and separation is a moment of discomfort while you make the call, send the email, write the note, cross the room.

That’s it. A little discomfort. A little risk. All made easier when you remember that we are all in it (the discomfort and fear) together.

So… what if you did it, right now, in this moment? It will only take a sec and I bet you anything you won’t die from the discomfort.

And maybe, just maybe…


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I can feel something special approaching. Hope you will be there.